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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Going Green on a Budget!

I'm Back! 

Hello and welcome to the new year! 2013 my resolution was to be more green and natural, but the problem is I have to be green on a budget! I know a lot of my readers find themselves wanting to be cleaner and more efficient in how they do things without having to sacrifice their wallet to do so! It's bad enough our talents get more expensive as time goes buy the last thing we want to worry about is the products we use. So I have searched the internet for things you can do to live more healthier and natural for cheap.


I love my skin and barely wear any make up, but I realize that just because you don't wear any make up doesn't mean your skin is healthy! I have plenty of friends with bad skin and don't know why! Here's the thing while my skin is clear my pores can get bad from time to time that is why I love Michelle Phan beauty tips! Using nothing but common refrigerated items you can clear your skin and pores in a matter of minutes. Look at all her beauty tips for more!


Egg facial 


Tired of acid burning perms? DO you wanna go natural? Don't want to have to cut all your hair off? Then you are just like me! Yes it will take some time before ALL the chemicals are gone from your hair but it is manageable. I know plenty of black girls who spend too much money on getting there hair done at "Black Salons" because they want there hair straight...Well what if I told you there was a magical place where you could get you hair cut, styles, washed, and flattened for as low as 12 dollars! A place where they only use natural products! Well my friends this magical place is called AVEDA!I know what you are gonna say, "Whats's the Catch?" well my friend I will tell you! The reason why its so cheap is because they are using students! But the trick is to request a graduate student for perfection! I for one love AVEDA and I challenge anyone to beat there prices. 

One more thing about keeping your hair wonderful while natural! MOISTURIZE! Any products that include olive oil will surely help grow and protect your hair!


You wanna eat more healthier and organic. I understand! Organic is way more healthier but unfortunately more expensive....If you don't know what to look for. Next time you find some organic shops, compare everything make sure you are getting the best for your buck. When you find out what shops the cheapest sign     up for their rewards program! Get coupons! Check website for additional sales! Always be on top before you make your purchases, this same method can also be applied anywhere that sales organic food such as Walmart,  Bloom, Public, Food Lion, Ect. Also if you just so happen to have relatives that are friends of farmers ask if they can send you some preserves or pounds of works for me!Here is a store I go to some time!

Also be mindful how you pack your food! DO RESEARCH! 

This is all for now but more to come and Remember to live one step at a time when it comes to being Healthy and Natural!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Geeky Playlist Part 1

My Geeky Playlist #1
            On a day to day basis I listen to certain geeky music that gets me pumped! whether its about games or anime or just about being a geek in general I love them all! And I am on YouTube everyday searching for more. So here is my online Geeky Playlist!


2) The Guild- Do you wanna Date my Avatar

3) Krooked K- Krooked K

4) Roll a D6

5) Jace Hall: Superplaya Music Video (feat. D-Mac & Lil Bit )

6) The Guild - "Game On" 

7) Geek and Gamer Girls Song

8) MC Chris - Fett's Vette

9) Every Cartoon in The World... We Like Cartoons

10) Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to Raise a Geek/Nerd Child

How to Raise A Geeky Child

So in response to my friend’s upcoming childbirth, today’s Fourth of July blog is on how to raise a geeky child. Now I know you are a geek and you think you will just have them watch whatever you watch and they will catch on, or you will just force them to watch anime.  STOOOP right there, the last thing you want to do is force a child to do anything, they will instantly reject it when they get older. Remember when your parents forced you to watch or read things, you hated it. With kids you must be subtle and a little gentler.  And the child hood is the most crucial!
First Sense you will want to work on is what they hear, if you are like most of my friends you want your child to be multi cultural so what they hear is very important. Maybe in their baby crib you can play soft Korean, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, ect music so that the baby is familiar with the languages.  Talking to the baby in different languages will help too; the baby will pick up the language faster when they get older, but don’t get scared when the child accidently calls you HAHA (Japanese for mother) instead of the traditional momma.
Second thing to work on would be, of course, what they see; babies are naturally open to everything when they are younger. So watching a show like Growing up Creepie and having anime posters on the wall will be appealing to them. If you are like me, I will have a theme for my children’s room. Kuromi when they are first born, then Growing up Creepie, then Pokémon, then Anime.  The child needs to see these things so when they get older that’s most likely what will be appeasing to them, if you truly want to separate them from outside cartoons , try having a TV in the Childs room and A LOT of DVDs  of Stuff you think is appropriate. I myself will get ALL the Pokémon series. Keep in mind for all my gamers and programmers this applies to you, get them involve with technology and games at a young age so it comes naturally to them later on in life.
Third thing you will want to focus on is taste, like you who love sushi and delicate treats from other country if you want that same taste buds for your children let them experience tastes from other worlds.  Not much variety when they are babies but when they are toddlers they are a little more open, and picky, keep in mind a child will not take to things as much as you want and if you do this exercise keep near a doctor because you don’t know what your child is Allergic to!
Fourth thing to focus on is what the child will expect when he gets older, Conventions and Cosplay. Show how much of treat it is to go to conventions and Cosplay as a character.  When you see them take to a character in a show, have them Cosplay that character at a Convention. This lets them know that it is not abnormal to these things, and will give them even a sense of fashion.  Dress your children with a sense of higher style, yes this will make your child stand out but isn’t that what happened you.  
Last thing you will have to deal with is the emotional side; doing these things you could be setting your child up for the same treatment you had growing up and it is important you work with your child to deal with these insecurities and possible bullying. Always have your Childs best interest at heart, and if she or he truly just doesn’t want to be a geek, that is their decision and you should respect that! Remember a child is a huge responsibilities as well as fun ride you will have to deal with! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Geek vs Nerd

Geek vs Nerd

To know what a geeky black girl is, is to know the difference between Geek and Nerd. Literally the geek is most likely the girls you are going to relate to, she is going to be your gamer and your cosplayer, while the nerd can do your taxes and had a 4.0 in high school while moving on to be an accountant. Sure the nerd might read a comic here and there, but its more of a pass time for her, she most likely is not going to quote a line or be up to date in what’s going on in the Marvel Universe.  Not to say the nerd is bad, If anything she is more well put together than a geek girl, most geek girls tend to be just like you, smart but only in areas she find worthy to be interested in. The geek girls is what some may call a child at times, because she would rather play around and goof off rather than do work.

Both Girls have their strengths and weaknesses and levels of intensity when it comes to how they act. While the Geek plays around, when you need her to be serious there are times when she refuses to get out of play, while the nerd girl may go into serious mode more than you would like her to. The key is to find a balance, most geeks have a line in which they will not cross and that lets them know its not play time anymore. While a nerd will quietly think back and realize some things she did not have to be serious on.

Black girls can be a special case though; because of our culture we are taught many things that conflict with our geek/nerd self. In black culture we are taught to be loud and cut throat at times, but since most of us have looked past our black culture some of us have rejected that personality, so when we have the time to be ourselves we tend to think our personality might not be socially acceptable. A perfect case would be how when I was growing up, my own race would reject me and call me White or Asian based on my hobbies. So all through middle school and part of high school that’s the group I mainly tried to fit in with. It wasn’t till my last few years of high school that I came out of my shell, keep in mind some girls do not grow out of this phase so instead they adopt another culture’s social personality.

So you could have a geeky black girl who has not come out of her shell and be more timid that the average geek who shows her pride with bright colors. Or a nerd who should be more forceful in certain situations but is more of a push over, while it may seems like she doesn’t sweat the small stuff it could be bothering her internally. Its true that over all a black Geeky/Nerd girl are as rare in the average community, but finding one who is true to herself is even more rare. So being a Geek or a nerd doesn’t mean anything if you are not yourself. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Geeky Gadgets Part 1

                                                               Top 10 Geeky Gadgets!

I am a sucker for geeky gadgets! so I have searched the entire Internet world for the best of the best! A lot of these should not only be invented, They should be sold in stores and I would gladly say.

So Lets get started!


Web Cup 2.0 

When I drink coffee I would also love to check the news while playing my favorite songs!



Me and my friends Definatly need this so I can figure out what in the world in Fast food!


Cloud Sofa

Forget the bed I would sleep on this all night and every day!


Audi Shark – Flying Sportscar

A sports car/Motorcycle...That Flies!...What kind of licence you think I would need?


Futuristic Glass

Hey Apple! Get to work on this!


Futuristic iPhone Concept

Apple I have another job for you!


Flower lamp!

Want in Green for my future child!


Futuristic Workspace

Wonderful Drooling in need!


Massage Me Massage Video Game 

OMG I need


Bacon Maker

What can I say I love Bacon!

Monday, June 25, 2012

African American/Black Cosplay

When most people see my pictures of black girls cosplaying they want to know how they themselves can Cosplay on that level. Well I am here to help you with a few tricks that can help you get ready for that next convention and or deviant art picture! 

1) Costumes

If you are not handy with a sewing machine or don't have any friends with that skill, then you are most likely going to have to buy your costume. There are two ways you can do this, the most expensive way is buying the full costume online, If you go this way it is important where you buy the costume, reading reviews and ratings is very important also because you are African or of African descent you most likely will need to go custom size or need to make alteration. I realize that when you buy Cosplay online the chest or height is always incorrect so unless you want your panties showing or guys you don't want to look like you have high waters on. Second thing you can do is buy items in store that match the character you are cosplaying. I tend to like this option for certain things because when you see a character in an anime, TV, or video game to them it is not a Cosplay but their actual clothes they wear on a regular basis. 

2) Make up

Now guys I know you hate the idea of wearing makeup but trust me it is worth it. Now for those Geeks who have no idea what to do for makeup I have a girl who can help you. Remember though the girl I am going to link is in fact Asian but she is good as long as you remember to get the right shade of makeup that matches your skin tone you should be alright. And you can find the right shade by simply going to a nearby Macy or just testing. Anyway here she is, My Girl Michelle Phan!

3) Accessories 

Accessories can go a long way! The tiniest attention to detail will make your cosplaying look like a dream. Things like a tattoo and a pair of earrings can show how serious you are about who you are cosplaying and how devoted to looking like the character.

4) Skin Color


Hello My Geeky Black Beauties

Hello World! Get Ready for the GBG's! The Geeky Black Girls!

A few have been asking why I created Geeky Black Girls, and I decided to answer that very question with a little blog. The answer is very simple, One day I was talking to a friend and while she was talking all I could hear her says is about how she wished she was Asian and how Asians were the most beautiful race in the world! When I asked her about her own race and what she thought of it, she said she didn't think her race was all that beautiful! Don't get me wrong nothing is wrong with Asian people but to hear someone of my own race and gender say such things about herself made me highly confused. Anyway I did some research too see how others felt about this, and what I found shocked me. 

First Thing I noticed was just how rare we really were. Having had geeky black girls as friends almost all my life I thought there would be many of us in the world and defiantly Internet, but I was proven wrong on my online searches, we are very few compared to the many other races. That was also proven in my search for black cosplayers, while I found many white and Asian cosplayers I found only little African or African American cosplayers. Taking an online survey of why this was so and after reading a lot of comments on the internet these were the main 3 reasons why they didn't. 


1.) No money 
2.) Were afraid to because skin, height, and weight didn't match character
3.) Thought only Asians’ could Cosplay a character correctly

Literally, who judges themselves that hard? When I saw that I wanted to scream, however these are the same girls who try themselves to be closer to the Asian culture. This brings me to my second thing, the worship of Asian cultures. I personally love the culture myself but I would never put down my own skin and culture for another. These geeky girls, will only eat Asian food, Like Asian boys, want to dress Asian, and will only listen to Asian music. Now just encase any one is wondering while reading this blog the main two Asian Societies I am talking about are Korea and Japan. I took Japanese class and the one thing I took from it was basically what I have learned in all my history classes. Every Civilization has its flaws! Sometime I think Geeky Black Girls get wrapped up in the fantasy they completely ignore the flaws of their obsession. 

I want geeky black girls to read these blogs with the understanding that they are beautiful and wonderful and should be proud of their skin. We age gracefully, we are dominant in all our genes, and we can make ANYTHING look good and sexy. And for all the guys that are reading this don't think I am letting you off the hook, telling a girl you only date Asian girls with glasses does nothing to help my cause!